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What is Kidz Konnection?

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Kidz Konnection is a non-profit, youth theater company located in Clinton, CT that offers a range of programs for all ages throughout the year. Some of our programs include children’s theater classes, advanced acting classes for teenagers and young adults, dance classes, and various productions geared towards elementary, middle school, or high school aged students. Our main stage fall and spring productions are for all ages from 5 to 45. We offer various summer programs for children, teens, and young adults interested in performing throughout the summer, with our summer family theater being for ages 5 and up, our summer junior musical for ages 10 and up, and our summer Shakespeare for ages 12 and up.

Kidz Konnection Classes and Rehearsals take place in the Kidz Konnection Studio which can be found in the basement of the Chips Pub Plaza, Main Street, Clinton, as part of the Clinton Art Space.  To contact Kidz Konnection call Laura Attanasio at 860-227-2363 or email her at  kidzkonnectionct@gmail.com .

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