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What is Kidz Konnection?

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Kidz Konnection is a non-profit, youth theater company located in Clinton, CT that offers a range of programs for all ages throughout the year. Some of our programs include children’s theater classes, advanced acting classes for teenagers and young adults, dance classes, and various productions geared towards elementary, middle school, or high school aged students. Our main stage fall and spring productions are for all ages from 5 to 45. We offer various summer programs for children, teens, and young adults interested in performing throughout the summer, with our summer family theater being for ages 5 and up, our summer junior musical for ages 10 and up, and our summer Shakespeare for ages 12 and up.

Kidz Konnection Classes and Rehearsals take place in the Kidz Konnection Studio which can be found in the basement of the Chips Pub Plaza, Main Street, Clinton, as part of the Clinton Art Space.  To contact Kidz Konnection call Laura Attanasio at 860-227-2363 or email her at  kidzkonnectionct@gmail.com .

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Current Kidz Konnection Schedule

Audition Expectations & Policies

Kidz Konnection prides itself on finding the talent inside each performer. We accept all talent levels and work to find meaningful roles for each of our actors. When casting for a show, placement of performers is based on age, scheduling availability, and his/her audition. We group our performers into one of four groups…

Note: The following policies apply to MAIN-STAGE PRODUCTIONS ONLY!

Main-stage productions include our annual major fall and spring productions that have over 40 cast members and are performed in the Clinton Andrews Memorial Town Hall Auditorium. Any production during an off-season (Bluefish production, summer musical, summer Shakespeare…etc.) or any show with a cast of less than 40 students may not follow these groupings or policies. In some cases, this will allow younger or less experienced students to have a greater chance at getting a lead role.

Tiny Thespians is a great place to begin your child’s acting career. It’s for grades K-3rd and takes into consideration your child’s ability to memorize lines, commit to rehearsal times, and helps keep those late nights to a minimum. Scheduling is predictable (one 45 minute rehearsal a week) and your child will receive a speaking role in one major scene in the production.


Kidz Konnect Junior Actors is for grades K-3rd who want more substantial acting instruction than the Tiny Thespian program. Minor roles and ensemble parts are given to Kidz Konnect Junior Actors. The expectation is that actors will be available for approximately one to two rehearsals a week (equaling 1.5 hours of instruction).


Kidz Konnect Actors is our primary group of performers. Grades range from 4th-12th and require two rehearsals a week (or three hours of acting instruction). All supporting roles and ensembles are Kidz Konnect Actors. Many of our performers and parents love this arrangement because their child can enjoy theater and still have time for other activities.


SACtors (Shoreline Actors Collective) is for any actor grades 6 to adult that is serious about acting. All actors in this group are given major roles, and as a result– there is extra time commitment involved. Students must also have performed in a minimum of 2 Kidz Konnection productions to be placed as a SACtor. Not every performer who auditions for a SACtor role will be placed simply because each show is unique in terms of roles needed for a quality production.

What to expect:

When you arrive for your audition, we ask you fill out a form and include your age as well as your scheduling conflicts. During our casting procedure, we take both pieces of information into account and will place you in a role fitting to the show and your talent. Unfortunately actors younger than sixth grade will not receive lead roles, unless the show requires a younger performer for a lead. This would be the exception to the rule. Likewise, actors who meet the age requirement for SACtors, but cannot commit to a rigorous rehearsal schedule will not receive *lead roles.

*If you are given a lead role in a production, you may or may not be given a lead the next time around. The groupings above are not permanent placement, but simply a context for pricing and scheduling.

Practice Schedules:

Productions run according to season (approximately three months). Our fall show runs Sept. through mid-November, our winter show runs Dec. through mid-March, and Curtain Call is our spring theater running Apr. to June.

With the exception of tech week, practices are as follows…

  • Tiny Thespians – 1 rehearsal a week = 45 minutes of acting instruction
  • Non-Essential – 2+ hours a week
  • Leads and Supporting Roles - 2.5-3+ hours a week

We work very hard to arrange rehearsals according to the majority of our actors’ schedules. Times and dates change depending on the cast and production.

Additional Rehearsals: Additional rehearsals may be added at any time, depending on the scenes that need the most work. We ask for flexibility, understanding that practice is a critical component of a quality production. These extra rehearsals are not mandatory, but attendance is taken into consideration for future casting. Prior to scheduling extra rehearsals, we try to connect with parents and work to accommodate the majority of schedules.

Tech Week:

Tech week is mandatory. Any actor who doesn’t attend is dropped from the production. Rehearsals run every evening right up until the performance. Actors must attend the entire rehearsal all week. Each production has a slightly different schedule and we try to let parents know up front what is expected. Our Tiny Thespians are typically given the earlier rehearsals so as to not fatigue their little bodies.


Our fall production spans two months.

  • Tiny Thespians – $69.00 a month
  • Non-Essential Actors – $114.00 a month
  • All Leads and Supporting Roles - $129.00 a month

There is a 10% discount for families with multiple children in the production.