Where does your donation go?

Kidz Konnection is a non-profit organization so all donations, tuition, ticket sales, snack sales, and any other form of income go directly back into our company.

Tuition: We use tuition from classes and productions to pay for our Academy Building, performance spaces, set pieces, paint, backdrops, costumes, props, utilities (such as heating and electricity), the salaries of our employees, other studio necessities (such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies…etc.), transportation, and advertisements.

Ticket Sales: All proceeds that come from from ticket sales will generally be used to pay for any of the above necessities that were not covered by tuition.

Snack Sales, Fundraisers, and Donations: All of our proceeds from snack sales and fundraisers go towards our scholarship and intern programs. We offer partial and full scholarships to low income families that would otherwise not be able to participate in our programs. We offer seasonal internships to high school and college students looking to gain experience in communications, business, education, or performing arts related fields.

Kidz Konnection’s mission is to provide a safe, educational, and fun environment for today’s youth through theater. We want all children to be able to participate regardless of their family’s socio-economic class.

To donate to Kidz Konnection call (860) 227-2363 or email


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