(Educate through Drama; Grow through Experience)

What is EDGE?

EDGE is an opportunity for students who seek a more challenging acting experience to have a formal experience with ensemble based theater.

EDGE is invitation only.

Upcoming EDGE Opportunities:

We are currently in the process of deciding the next EDGE Production. Stay tuned and check back for an update soon!

2018 Spring Play: TBA

Rehearsal Dates: TBD

Ages: 13+ (8th Grade and Up)

This program is a part of our advanced acting EDGE series, which is invite only. There are no open auditions for this program. Students who qualify to participate will be invited via email by the director. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us at (860) 227-2363 or kidzkonnectionct@gmail.com to learn more about whether or not you qualify.

Tuition: $225.00

Performance Date: TBD

Performance Location: 61 E. Main Street – The Kidz Konnection Academy Building

How can my child or I receive an invitation for EDGE?

To qualify for EDGE a student must:

  • have participated in at least 3 programs or productions including, but not limited to our seasonal Main Stage productions, Summer Stock family theater, Summer Junior Musical, and/or seasonal dance, acting, improvisation, or writing classes.
  • show exceptional leadership, loyalty, and responsibility by consistently attending all rehearsals on time and prepared.
  • show that they are capable of working in a team by respecting their peers and director(s) during all auditions, rehearsals, performances, and/or classes that they have previously been involved in.
  • be at least 9 years old or in the 4th grade.

Kidz Konnection founder and director, Laura Attanasio will send a personal invitation via email for each EDGE production that a student qualifies for. Even if you or your child meet all of the above qualifications, you may not receive an invitation. Students are chosen for each production because they may be a good fit for a particular role in a particular production. There may only be a certain number of parts available for a certain production. If a student is invited to participate in one EDGE production, it does not necessarily guarantee that they will be invited to the next EDGE production. 

The best way to receive an invitation to EDGE is to participate in a variety of different programming within Kidz Konnection. Each season we offer classes, productions, and other programs. Explore the possibility of signing up for an improv class or a dance class if you have never tried that before. If you are more accustomed to the small class environment, challenge yourself by auditioning for one of our main stage productions. Participating in a range of different classes and productions shows the directors that you strive to learn and want to continue to develop your skills as a performer.

What makes EDGE different than an acting class or SACtor production?

This program serves to train students for a more professional theatrical experience while still educating them in classical literature. Some of the content that EDGE students will study may explore more mature themes and ideas. Because EDGE is invite-only and does not have open auditions, the cast is kept small so that each student has the opportunity to really dive into the literature and receive the direction that they need to advance their skills. EDGE is a program that was created for very specific age groups so that students can work with peers at the same level of experience that they are. If you are looking for a personal, intimate, and educational experience, but have not been invited to EDGE, consider signing up for one of our classes that you are eligible for. Participating in a class shows the director that you are looking to hone your acting skills and seeking a deeper level of direction than the main stage productions can provide.

Is there tuition?

Yes. EDGE tuition will vary depending on the length of the program. Kidz Konnection prides itself on providing affordable programs to all students. This program is set up specifically for students that are looking for training and experience in professional ensemble theater. For this year’s programs the tuition was as follows:

  • $225.00 for 8-week intensive
  • $185.00 for 4-week intensive