Advanced Musical Policies & Requirements

The Advanced Musical Theater program is a program designed for our most senior performers. These performers are considered our most advanced actors due to their years of theater experience and training. These requirements have been put in place to ensure that our younger performers gain the experience needed to be considered one of our advanced performers.

*8th graders must be currently enrolled students, and also be signed up for one of the Mainstage productions, Musical Curtain Call shows if in Spring, Advanced Play running congruent to the advanced musical they are wanting to participate in.

**9th graders must be signed up for either the Season Mainstage production running congruent to the advanced musical, the Advanced Play, Musical Curtain Call shows if your selected advanced musical is in Spring or two classes running congruently at the Academy including any Dance/Movement on Wednesday or any Acting on Friday.

***Once the cast list is sent out, students are committed to the production, regardless of role received. Any student who drops out of an advanced level program after casting will not be allowed to participate in any mainstage or advanced level production for the term of one full annual year. Students may still enjoy classes however.

****Actors are only permitted to miss 2 rehearsals, must be available for all of tech week and all performances. Any breach of this will mean immediate dismissal from the show without refund. No exceptions will be made.

*****Special accommodations may be possible for graduating seniors and events that coincide with their own high school senior mandatory event schedule.

******No refunds following casting.

Only in highly exceptional circumstances proving a student is unable to complete the above requirements for reasons that are approved by the board as emergency situations or specifically challenging may a student email Mrs. Laura ( for approval of other options providing a set amount of service hours, committing to other current events at the Academy.  See below requirements for approved volunteer time options:

Volunteering Information 

Volunteering information

  • Each student agrees to indicate why they are unable to meet the performance/class requirement and understands that the Academy board will review the request for final approval
  • Each student will need to complete 40 hours of volunteer hours including time during tech week of one of the productions
  • They will need to log their time and have their volunteer form signed by one of the supervisors at the end of each volunteering shift
  • If they do not meet their requirements by tech week of the advanced show they will be dismissed without refund from the advanced show (tech week for the descendants is after Grease and will not be considered for volunteer hours)
  • If the Director/Executive director feels that the student is not performing their duties while volunteering they student will be given one warning. If they continue to not abuse this courtesy given they will no longer be invited to volunteer and be dismissed from the advanced show.

Students will also need to give a detailed explanation  to the best of their ability why they are unable to meet the performance/class requirement. Then it will be submitted to the board for approval. Below is the link to form that each student will need to present for approval, with the volunteer options and to log volunteer hours.