Audition Preparation & Expectations

General Audition Information



For grades 6 and up:

All lead roles are first considered for any student in grades 6 and up. There is a more formal audition for this age but at The Academy we stress a non-competitive environment where all children regardless of skill or experience are embraced in a warm and friendly setting. Students will sing a prepared song, generally the first verse and chorus of the song.  Always select a song that both helps you show your best vocal range and maybe the character you most see yourself identifying with. If a student is asked to stop singing at any point it is not a reflection on their performance but merely an indication we have heard the student’s range as needed for this show.  Students grades 6 and over are not required to sing a solo but it is encouraged each child at least try.

After the Vocal audition, students will learn a choreographed number with the director. There is no preparation necessary for this part of the audition.  The last component of the audition is a cold reading.  Students will be given a scene to read which may not be a reading reflecting a particular role the student might be considered for.
For students K – 5:

Tiny Thespians (all grades K/1) There is no formal audition for Tiny Thespians. Please head straight to the Register link to register for Tiny Thespians.

Junior Thespians (grades 2 & 3) audition in groups of 6 – 8 youth but there is no preparation necessary. The purpose of the audition for the Junior Thespians is to get to know your child so we may best help them achieve their personal performance goals. They may learn the first verse/chorus to the song selected for the upcoming audition which will be sung in a group setting of 4 – 6 youth.  Songs can be practiced from YOUTUBE if you wish to come prepared but it is not required. There is also a small dance audition which will be taught at the time of the audition of which no preparation is necessary. Students will audition in a non-competitive, fun group setting.

General Cast (grades 4 & 5) will follow a similar audition experience as the Junior Thespians. They are welcome to prepare the first verse and chorus selected for the upcoming audition and if time allots they may be able to sing the prepared piece as a solo but it is not expected at this age and any student wishing to have a solo in this age group should know it is not guaranteed. There is also a small dance audition which will be taught at the time of the audition of which no preparation is necessary. Students will audition in a non-competitive, fun group setting.

All students are cast in the show.

Audition Expectations & Policies

The Academy prides itself on finding the talent inside each performer. We accept all talent levels and work to find meaningful roles for each of our actors. Each production is different and each audition is different. The following guidelines will have details about how we typically run auditions for main stage productions, but please keep in mind that many of our programs do not follow these guidelines. For specific details about what is expected for a certain audition or production, please contact us.

Things to Bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Close-toed shoes you are comfortable moving/ dancing in
  • A hair elastic if you have long hair
  • Your $10 audition fee (audition fee may vary depending on the program)
  • A smile and positive attitude!

General Policies and Information:

When you arrive at the Academy building, please go through the back door and stop at the reception table to fill out your paper registration. Parents/ guardians of actors under the age of 18 are required to fill out and sign the Academy Contract and a paper registration, even if you have already completed an online registration. The registration form is extremely detailed and will ask about your schedule. If you are unsure about certain days of the week or specific dates, note that on the form and e-mail when you have confirmed those days and dates.

There is typically a $10.00 audition fee. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks made out to Kidz Konnection.

You may be given one or more short scenes and asked to read them over. Miss Laura or Ms. Maria will call in single students or groups of students at a time when they are ready and the student will complete his or her audition. Parents are not permitted to watch their children audition because it can distract children or make them more nervous.

Auditions are generally 30 minutes, but may run over if we would like to see more from certain students. Parents may wait quietly downstairs in our lounge or stop by any of the local restaurants within a 1/4 – 1/2 mile radius, such as Blend, Chips Pub III, Chester’s BBQ, The Coffee Break, Grand Apizza, Saldamarco’s, Hanami, or Palmieri’s. If a student would like to stay in the studio past their audition slot, we may or may not have them read with other students that audition, but the student is expected to behave appropriately and professionally while in the building during auditions, even if he or she is not being asked to perform anything.

We typically do not require a song or monologue for most auditions, but will provide choices for each audition should a student wish to feel more prepared. Students have the right to decline singing at their audition however, please note, we are unable to cast significant roles to students who are uncomfortable with singing.  All students, however, will be cast in our productions, regardless of their performance at any given audition.

*If you or your child struggles with anxiety and there is anything we can do to make the audition experience more comfortable such as auditioning with a close friend, doing a one-on-one audition, doing a video or skype audition, or anything else please do not hesitate to reach out to us ahead of time or let us know upon your arrival. 


At The Academy, the only auditions that require students to prepare a monologue ahead of time are our Summer Shakespeare productions for SACtors. For these productions, we ask that students prepare a Shakespearian or classical monologue of their choice, preferably from a show of the same genre as the show they are auditioning for (tragedy, comedy, history, or drama).

We will NEVER require a student under the age of 10 (or below 5th grade) to read a monologue for an audition. For younger students, we focus on group activities where they may be asked to move around, use their imagination, and explore physical movement during the audition.

Students that are required to prepare a monologue will perform their monologue in an area with just the student, Miss Laura and Miss Maria. Other students and parents are not permitted to watch monologue performances. Students are not required, but are highly encouraged to memorize their monologue before the audition.

For monologue suggestions check out our monologues page!

Vocal Auditions:

Many of our productions are musicals, and students over the age of 10 that audition for a musical will be asked to sing a short section of a song from the show that they are auditioning for that we choose ahead of time. In some cases, we will let the students know what song and which section we are using for auditions. In other cases, we will ask the students to sing without having known which song we chose. Or we will allow students to choose from a selection of different songs from the musical. Singing auditions are usually done in a small group with students of similar ages. We will sing the section of the song all together a few times and then each student will be asked to sing that section solo. Students that wish to sing the solo multiple times will be permitted to do so, if there is time. We will go over lyrics, rhythms, and notes as many times as the student wishes, as long as we have the time.

Students under the age of 10 will never be asked to sing in an audition, but if they would like to, they may ask for that opportunity.

You will be notified if the audition that you are attending will require a prepared monologue or if we will ask you to sing. If a student is uncomfortable singing during an audition, we will never force him or her to sing. However, if a student refuses to sing, we will be unable to cast that student in any role that comes with a solo, which most of the major roles in musicals do.

Not all of our productions are musicals, but some are. Since we do offer a wide variety of shows throughout the year (musicals, dramas, blackboxes, classic plays, and classes) we encourage students to make sure the show that you are auditioning for is well-suited for your talents.


When casting for a show, placement of performers is based on age, scheduling availability, and the audition. We group our performers into one of four groups…

Note: The following policies apply to MAIN-STAGE PRODUCTIONS ONLY!

Main-stage productions include our annual major fall and spring productions that have over 40 cast members and are performed in the Clinton Andrews Memorial Town Hall Auditorium. Any production during an off-season (Summer family theater, summer musical, summer Shakespeare…etc.) or any show with a cast of less than 40 students may not follow these groupings or policies. In some cases, this will allow younger or less experienced students to have a greater chance at getting a lead role.

All students participating in a main stage production will be REQUIRED to attend EVERY rehearsal during tech week (the week before the performance).

**Remember! Theater is not like sports; not every part is equal, but every part IS extremely important. Age may play a factor in casting, but older students do not automatically get lead roles. There are many more factors that go into our casting decisions. If you have any questions about auditions and casting, feel free to contact us.

What to expect:

When you arrive for your audition, we ask you fill out a form and include your age as well as your scheduling conflicts. During our casting procedure, we take both pieces of information into account and will place you in a role fitting to the show and your talent. Unfortunately actors younger than sixth grade will not receive lead roles, unless the show requires a younger performer for a lead. This would be the exception to the rule. Likewise, actors who meet the age requirement for SACtors, but cannot commit to a rigorous rehearsal schedule will not receive lead roles.

*If you are given a lead role in a production, you may or may not be given a lead the next time around. 

Practice Schedules:

Productions run according to season (approximately three months). Our fall show runs September through mid-November, our winter show runs Jan. through mid-March, and Curtain Call is our spring theater running April to June.

We work very hard to arrange rehearsals according to the majority of our actors’ schedules. Times and dates change depending on the cast and production.

Additional Rehearsals: Additional rehearsals may be added at any time, depending on the scenes that need the most work. We ask for flexibility, understanding that practice is a critical component of a quality production. These extra rehearsals are not mandatory, but attendance is taken into consideration for future casting. Prior to scheduling extra rehearsals, we try to connect with parents and work to accommodate the majority of schedules.

Tech Week:

Tech week is mandatory. Any actor who doesn’t attend is dropped from the production. Rehearsals run every evening right up until the performance. Actors must attend the entire rehearsal all week. Each production has a slightly different schedule and we try to let parents know up front what is expected. Our Tiny Thespians are typically given the earlier rehearsals so as to not fatigue their little bodies.

Code of Conduct and Honor Code:

The Academy is dedicated to educating youth in the performing arts and multi-media for the purpose of cultivating self-empowerment and leadership skills that will develop strong community-serving leaders of the future. This is our mission statement and we hold true to it throughout every single production, and we expect our actors to do the same. Our actors are expected to abide to the following honor code. If this honor code is violated, The Academy reserves the right to remove an actor from a production or suspend him or her from participating in future productions for a certain period of time. We expect each and every one of our actors to uphold the following four core values during their time as a student at The Academy and as they move on to other stages of their life beyond our studio.

Respect – As a student at The Academy, I pledge to respect my director(s), fellow actors, tech crew members, and every other member of the program or production that I am involved with. I pledge to talk to them and act towards them in a way that I would hope that they treat me. This holds true for both in person and online interactions.

Honesty – As a student at The Academy, I pledge to never lie to or steal from any member of the program or production that I am working on. I will be truthful with my peers and fellow actors as well as my director(s) and tech crew members that I may be working with.

Support – As a student at The Academy, I pledge to support every member of this production. I will be fully committed to my part as an important member of this production. I will cheer on my peers and help them to be the best they can be within their role as well.

Responsibility – As a student at The Academy, I pledge to learn any lines, cues, and blocking that I am assigned to the best of my ability. I pledge to be fully engaged and eager to participate during every rehearsal or class. I will attend every rehearsal that I am physically able to, and alert my director(s) as soon as possible if I will not be present for any reason.

**The Academy will handle any violations of this honor code on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to suspend students that violate this honor code from one or multiple rehearsals, performances, or entire productions.**