Directors Are People Too

As an actor, it is completely natural to think of your director as a “god” of sorts. They always seem to make everything come together at the last minute, even when it seems like the whole show is falling apart; they are full of everlasting wisdom; they instill a sort of fear in you that even your parents don”t; and you are always doing everything you can to make them proud. All of these things are completely true, and all directors are extraordinarily talented, but I promise you, they are not gods.


So, you are reading this wondering how you can make the director like you more. Well, it isn”t that simple. But here is a little insight about how and why directors do what they do, and how you, as an actor, parent, technician, co-director, or volunteer can react to what they do in the best way possible.

It”s Their Job


Being a member of the working world isn”t easy for anyone, no matter how old you are or where you work. Whether you bus tables at a local fast food restaurant or are the CEO of a major national corporation, I think everyone can agree that work is stressful. Directors (specifically directors of local youth theater companies or school theater departments) are often working multiple jobs because of the way the theater industry is set up. They might be teaching classes, co-directing other shows, or even acting in professional productions at the same time that they are directing the show that you or your child is performing in. So their lives might be a little hectic.


Besides the fact that directors are usually doing a million things at once, especially closer to opening night of a big production, the fact that this is what they do for a living means that you should trust them. That”s right, you can be confident that they know what they are doing. Don”t correct their decisions or change the blocking because guess what? They are professionals at this stuff. They have their vision, even if you don”t quite see what they オンライン カジノ are going for….yet. But I promise, you will see it eventually. They know all the tricks in the book… So, seriously, let them do their job!


They Studied Theater

Do you ever wonder why they scream so loud sometimes? Every director gets irrationally angry at least once during a rehearsal (usually at least once per show). Did you think they would just not notice when you called for line twelve times in that one scene? Or did you think they might just let you off the hook? Either way, the answer is no. They will always notice, and they will never just let it go. This show is their baby. There is no way they will let you get away with skipping an entire scene during the dress rehearsal.



Back to the point – Why did they get online casino SO angry? The answer to this one is simple: Theater people are emotional. Theater classes are an emotionally taxing experience. Those of you who have taken advanced level acting classes will completely agree, right? Well think about how many years your director most likely spent in those types of classes. That is a lot of time spent “discovering one”s emotional strengths and weaknesses.”



So, yes, they will be very angry if you miss your cue or forget your lines, and that anger might come on very strong and very suddenly – they have been trained to tap into their emotions that quickly. But does that mean they hate you forever? NO!!!! Of course not. Don”t be ridiculous. I can promise you that your director is extremely impressed with all of your hard work, and they will love you no matter what happens. At the end of the show they will still hug you and cry and thank you and tell you they really hope to see you at next year”s auditions. And they mean it.



They See All of their Actors Like Family

I”m not kidding here. And I”m not exaggerating either. I grew up with a director in my house and I can tell you that they will lose sleep over wondering if their actors are happy. If they hear about silly competitive drama or bullying backstage they will fight until every single actor feels comfortable and loved.



Sometimes they say things they probably shouldn”t, or they feel the need to pull certain actors aside for extra hugs or pep talks. It”s because when they look at the cast, they don”t just see the characters in As You Like It or The Wizard of Oz or Aladdin. They see 22 of their own children. Children that they raised from shy, nervous ensemble members to the confident, risk-taking lead that stands there today.

This is also why they push you so hard. They know you can do it and they want you to succeed. So do your best and they will always be proud of you.


What You Do

So, at the end of the show what do you do? Are you scared of your director? Do you worship him or her? Well, contrary to popular belief directors are not all-powerful gods or cackling witches, they are just people. The best way to show your director that you care is to respect them. They respect you as an actor, techie, parent, or whatever you are to them. So the least you can do is give them your respect back. And if you do that, I promise, they will notice.



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