Top 10 Reasons to Do Summer Theater

Everyone looks forward to the summer for obvious reasons. No school, warm nights, beach days, a great tan, constant ice cream… The list goes on and on, but have you ever considered filling your summer with theater classes and more shows? I know that sounds like a lot of work, but keep reading to find out the top 10 reasons that you should continue your theater studies in the summer!

1. You Get to Hang Out With Your Friends All Summer


Have you ever had that problem where you want to hang out with your friends in the summer but you’re too lazy to plan something? During the year you see them every day at school, but in the summer you sleep till noon and watch Netflix till 6 when your parents come home from work. Or even worse is when you don’t have a license or a car so you can’t see your friends since your parents work all summer. Well everyone knows that the closest friendships are those that are born on the stage, and if you decide to do a summer show or take summer theater classes, you can have an excuse to just chill with your friends while doing what you love.

2. You’ll Seem Productive


You know when your parents come home from work and immediately start nagging you about that summer reading or asking you about homework and you’re like, “But it’s SUMMER. There is NO HOMEWORK.” And they just don’t seem to understand? Well, with summer theater you can avoid that conversation with a quick, “I’m going to go study my lines.” And your parents will be very impressed with your summer productivity.

3. You’ll Never Be Bored


Summer boredom is a serious problem. You’ve beat every video game you own, nobody is posting anything on Facebook, and the beach can only be fun for so long, so you need something else to do. Most community theaters do multiple summer programs for different age groups and would love to have older students come and help out with the camps for younger kids, so even if you don’t have rehearsal on certain days, chances are if you ask your director there will be some kind of fun thing they will need help with. Also, most theater camps are pretty much just playing drama games for a few hours, and what’s more fun than that?

4. You Can Use it on Your Resume


Most high schoolers have thought about college applications at least once (if not all the time) right? And everyone always says you need to have more extra-curricular activities to get in to the schools you want to. Well a super easy way to beef up that resume is to get involved with summer theater or volunteer to help out as a counselor. Colleges love to see volunteer work and summer involvement on an application and many community theaters also offer internship programs or paid positions, so be on the look out for great resume-builders like that! (It’s way more fun than working in retail all summer!)

5. You’ll Meet New Friends

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Summer theater camps usually attract a different group of people than the shows offered throughout the year because of people’s schedules or distance from the company. So getting involved with summer theater is a great opportunity to meet even more friends during the summer!

6. You Could Get Bigger Parts


Usually, summer programs tend to have smaller audition pools than the big shows during the year, so what that means for you is that you could get a bigger part in a show over the summer than you might get during the year. Also, different actors have different strengths, so check out any programs that only happen during the summer like Shakespeare, smaller shows, or musicals, that might be different than what is offered throughout the year.

7. You Will Get to Know Your Director Better


Directors don’t necessarily choose favorites, but they definitely are more willing to trust kids that they know very well with big roles. Doing summer theater means you will be spending a lot of time with your director, so you can show them how amazing you are and why you deserve to get a certain part in the future. If you show them how talented, responsible, and hard working you are in a summer program they will definitely want to keep working with you in the future.

8. You Won’t Be Stressed


I’m not gonna lie; doing a show can be very stressful, especially if you’re balancing that show, school work, sports, friends, AP classes, family obligations, and whatever else you might do during the year. If you do a summer show, you don’t have to worry about at least half of that stuff and you can really focus on learning all of your lines, blocking, dances, songs, and being the most talented actor you can be. If your show is basically the only thing you have to work on, there’s no reason you won’t impress your director and the audience once opening night comes around.

9. You Won’t Get Stir-Crazy


Spending all day every day in your house is the perfect way to drive yourself insane! If you are all alone you will start talking to yourself and if you are there with a sibling or family member, you will probably get totally sick of them after a few days. The best way to get out of the house is to join a theater class or show. That way there will be at least a few hours a week when you can be in a new environment surrounded by new people. Which is totally necessary if you want to keep your sanity this summer.

10. You Won’t Get Rusty


Have you ever walked into a fall show audition and come out of it thinking “What just came out of my mouth? I know I’m better than that.” Acting is just like any other skill. It takes constant practice to stay on top. If you spend a couple months without seeing a script or being on a stage, it will take you a little while to get the hang of it again when you go back in the fall. The best thing to do is keep acting throughout the summer so you can blow away your competition when you go into those fall auditions and have your monologue more perfect than ever before!


If you’re looking for ways to get involved this summer, check out our Summer Productions page! Kidz Konnection has options for all age groups all throughout the summer this year!

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