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 Fall 2023

Mean Girls

Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the wild and vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. How will this naïve newbie rise to the top of the popularity pecking order? By taking on The Plastics, a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. But when Cady and her friends devise a “Revenge Party” to end Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way that you can’t cross a Queen Bee without getting stung.

Rehearsals: Saturdays, 10:00-2:30pm l Mandatory Tech Week:Sunday, 11/26-30 NO EXCEPTIONS with 1-2 pick up rehearsals the week of the second week of shows depending on the casts need l Show Dates:Dec 1st 7:00pm 2nd 1:00pm 3rd 1:00pm and December 8th 7pm, 9th 7pm and 10th TBA. Ages: 10th* grade to 18 yers old

The Advanced Musical Theater program is a program designed for our most senior performers. These performers are considered our most advanced actors due to their years of theater experience and training. These requirements have been put in place to insure that our younger performers gain the experience needed to be considered one of our advanced performers. A volunteer option is available for those for performers that unable to complete the list requirements. Students will also need to give a detailed explanation to the best of their ability why they are unable to meet the performance/class requirement. Then it will be submitted to the board for approval. Please, follow the link to for full detailed requirements and volunteer information.

Here at the Shoreline Theater Academy our theater family is our top priority. When you reach out we do our best to accommodate our actors. Actors wanting to audition for Spring Awakening will not be required to pay the production fee** prior to auditions, but should reserve an audition slot by November 19th. Once the cast list is out and you have accepted your role you will need to complete the registration located here https://kidzkonnection.regfox.co If you would like to complete this prior to auditions please feel free to do so.

*  Adult Theater Policies at the Academy:

The Academy firmly believes in ensemble acting and that all our cast members are intricate parts to our productions no matter what role an actor is cast in. That all roles are featured roles. We hope that regardless of the role you receive that you will choose to perform with us. Not only will you be getting amazing instruction from some of the best directors on the shoreline but you will be a part of a theater family that is truly unlike any other in the area. Plus, being a part of any production in any capacity is a great way to hone your craft. All roles are open. We do not precast shows at the Shoreline Theater Academy.

Any actor 21 or under that drops the show after the cast list comes out will not be able to audition for a production at the Academy for a full year. There is also no refund after the cast list is out. For more information on our dropping protocol for those of you 21 and under please refer to the Advanced musical page.

*7th and 8th graders must be currently enrolled students, and also be signed up for one of the Main stage /Advanced Play  running congruent to the advanced musical they are wanting to participate in

**9th graders must be signed up for either the Winter mainstage program, the spring advanced play, or two spring classes running at the Academy

***Actors are only permitted to miss 2 rehearsals, must be available for all of tech week, the entire time and all performances. Any breach of this will mean immediate dismissal from the show without refund. No exceptions will be made

Grades: 8 & up | Tuition: $225.00 | Class Time: Mondays 5:00pm – 8:00pm | Location: 61 E. Main Street – The Academy Building, Clinton CT I Performance: Nov. 4th and 5th

Covid Policy for Adult Programs

Cast members will be unmasked for performances and to insure the safety of our staff, fellow actors and patrons we have the following protocol in place. If a cast member tests positive they are to quarantine for 5 days. Day 1 begins when a positive test is had regardless of signs or symptoms. They must contact the Executive Director Laura Attanasio and a copy of their positive PCR must be sent in. After day 5 the cast member must remain masked for 5 days after. Adult intensive and Advanced performers are only allowed 3 absences but if they have a positive PCR exceptions may be made. If a cast member misses mandatory tech week an understudy will be put on in their place no exceptions will be made. Covid policies are subject to change as the CDC and Actors equity update theirs.


Monologues for Ages 14+ (High School)

These monologues tend to be more dramatic, though there are comedic options. Many monologues that are good for this age group come from classic plays that are typically read and performed in high schools, like Anne Frank, A Christmas Carol, and The Great Gatsby. High school aged students may also look at the suggestions in the 18+ section for more intense, professional monologues. Just be aware that those monologues may contain adult language and content and are often much more serious. If you are looking for a more light-hearted monologue, try looking in the 10+ section.

Women’s Monologues

Peter Pan – Dramatic Monologue


Boy, why are you crying? You say that you are not crying? Oh, yes you are. What is my name? Wendy, Moira, Angela, Darling. What’s yours? Peter Pan, is that all? Oh, it is. In that case, I’m so sorry. Where do you live? The second star to the right and straight ‘till what? What a funny address. I ah mean, is that what they put on your letters? Well if you don’t get letters, you mother must get… You don’t have a mother? Oh, Peter.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Dramatic Monologue


(Chewing ferociously on gum, waving arms excitedly, talking in a rapid manner, from somewhere in audience) I’m a gum-chewer normally, but when I heard about these ticket things of Mr Wonka’s, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars in the hope of striking it lucky. Now, of course, I’m right back on gum. I just adore gum. I can’t do without it. I munch it all day long except for a few minutes at mealtimes when I take it out and stick it behind my ear for safe-keeping. To tell you the honest truth, I simply wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t have that little wedge of gum to chew on every moment of the day, I really wouldn’t. My mother says it’s not ladylike and it looks ugly to see a girl’s jaws going up and down like mine do all the time, but I don’t agree. And who’s she to criticize, anyway, because if you ask me, I’d say that her jaws are going up and down almost as much as mine are just from yelling at me every minute of the day. And now, it may interest you to know that this piece of gum I’m chewing right at this moment is one I’ve been working on for over three months solid. That’s a record, that is. It’s beaten the record held by my best friend, Miss Cornelia Prinzmetel. And was she ever mad! It’s my most treasured possession now, this piece of gum is. At nights, I just stick it on the end of the bedpost, and it’s as good as ever in the mornings

ANNE FRANK – Dramatic Monologue

Look, Peter, the sky. (she looks up through the skylight) What a lovely, lovely day! Aren’t the clouds beautiful? You know what I do when it seems as if I couldn’t stand being cooped up for one more minute? I think myself out. I think myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with Pim. Where the jonquils and the crocus and the violets grow down the slopes. You know the most wonderful part about thinking yourself out? You can have it any way you like. You can have roses and violets and chrysanthemums all blooming at the same time! It’s funny. I used to take it all for granted. And now I’ve gone crazy about everything to do with nature. Haven’t you? (softly) I wish you had a religion, Peter. Oh, I don’t mean you have to be Orthodox, or believe in heaven and hell and purgatory and things. I just mean some religion. It doesn’t matter what. Just to believe in something! When I think of all that’s out there. The trees. And flowers. And seagulls. When I think of the dearness of you, Peter. And the goodness of people we know, all risking their lives for us every day. When I think of these good things, I’m not afraid any more. I find myself, and God, and I… We’re not the only people that have had to suffer. There’ve always been people that’ve had to. Sometimes one race, sometimes another, and yet…I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith when people are doing such horrible things, but you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with Mother. It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart. Peter, if you’d only look at it as part of a great pattern.


Men’s Monologues

Peter Pan – Dramatic Monologue


How still the night is. Nothing sounds alive. Now is the hour when the children in their homes are a-bed. Their lips bright- browned with the goodnight chocolate, and their tongues drowsily searching for belated crumbs housed insecurely on their shining cheeks. Compare with them the captive children on this boat. Split me infinitives, but ‘tis me hour of Triumph! Peter killed at last and all the boys are about to walk the plank. At last, I’ve reached me peak! All mortals envy me- no little children love me. I’m, told they play at Peter Pan, and that the strongest always chooses to be Peter. They force the baby to be Hook. THE BABY!

Peter Pan – Dramatic Monologue


Who’s there? Is anyone there? What! (To Tink) The Indians were defeated and Wendy and the Boys have been captured by the Pirates? I’ll rescue her! I’ll rescue her! What? Oh, that’s just my medicine. Poisoned? Nonsense! Who could have poisoned it? I promised Wendy to take it and I’m going to, as soon as I’ve sharpened my dagger. Why, Tink, you’ve drunk my medicine! What’s the matter with you? It was poisoned! You drank it to save my life. Tink. Dear… Tink… your’re dying? Your light is growing faint, and if it goes out that means you’re dead. Your voice is so low I can scarcely hear what you’re saying. You say you think.. you think you could get well again if… if… if what Tink? If children believed in fairies. (To audience) Do you believe? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!

The Magician – Comedic Monologue

It was Saturday night and my girlfriend and I decided to go to see a well known magician performing at our local theater. The place was packed and the show was great!
Towards the end of the show the magician asked an audience member to come up on stage and hit him in the head with a sledgehammer. The audience member said, “I’m not going to do that.” The magician told him as he was leaning down waiting to get hit, “Look I am the magician and know what I am doing. So hit me with the hammer!” At that point the audience member swung the sledgehammer hitting him in the head and the magician fell to the ground unconscious. 
After being hit the paramedics rushed to the magician and revived him but he was still unconscious and now in a coma. They cleared the theater out and arrested the man that hit him but he was soon released. 
No one ever knew what happened to the magician after the show. Then six months later we were watching the news and here they were talking about the magician who had been in a coma for six months.
On the news broadcast they stated that when the magician came out of his coma he jumped out of bed, put his arms to his side, like a real showman, and with excitement, yelled out to the hospital staff, “TADA!!!”

Treasure Island – Dramatic Monologue


Although it’s been years, I remember that night as if it were yesterday. The wind was up — and the sea was high — and it was bitterly cold for November. But my mother’s inn, the Admiral Benbow, had quite settled down for the evening. Our only lodger, Captain bones, seemed to be quiet of once, and kept to his room. I had nearly given up hope we’d have any visitors at all when — without warning — my great adventure began. Of course, I — Jim Hawkins — had no notion I was starting out on my journey to Treasure Island.


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