Advanced Programs

Advanced Musicals

Each fall and spring, a new seasonal production is determined. For most up to date information, please visit the Classes page.

(anyone over 21 please visit Adult Program Page for information on Production fee for our adult professional actors)

*7th  and 8th graders must be currently enrolled students, and also be signed up for one of the Main stage running congruent to the advanced musical they are wanting to participate in

**9th graders must be signed up for either the Winter mainstage program, the spring advanced play, Spring Jr. Show or two spring classes running at the Academy

***Actors are only permitted to miss 3 rehearsals, must be available for all of tech week and all performances. Any breach of this will mean immediate dismissal from the show with out refund. No exceptions will be made.

****Special accommodations may be possible for graduating seniors and events that coincide with their own high school senior mandatory event schedule.

The Advanced Musical Theater program is a program designed for our most senior performers. These performers are considered our most advanced actors due to their years of theater experience and training. These requirements have been put in place to insure that our younger performers gain the experience needed to be considered one of our advanced performers. A volunteer option is available for those for performers that unable to complete the list requirements. Students will also need to give a detailed explanation  to the best of their ability why they are unable to meet the performance/class requirement. Then it will be submitted to the board for approval. Please, follow the link to our volunteer page for more information in regards to volunteering.

*Day and times may change due to shows currently running in the space and the needs of the cast

Advanced Dramatic Theater

Each season, a group of performers serious about honing their acting skills may participate in a dramatic play.  Play is determined seasonally, and may include thought-provoking discussion and analysis of the material, era, and socially conscious debate.

For more information and restrictions, please visit the Classes page.