ANNIE Kids (grades K – 4)

*No audition necessary for Annie Kids

Annie Jr. (grades 4+)




All Auditions are at the Academy Building.

61 E Main St. Clinton

Musicals: Please select a song of your choice from below. Always select a song that best supports your vocal range and personality. Expect a cold dance audition at the time of your audition for either musical.  Come dressed in clothes you can easily move in and with dance shoes or an indoor use shoe only.  NO OUTDOOR STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED IN THE REHEARSAL STUDIO.

Annie Jr.

Auditions: March 26 & 28 from 4:30 – 8pm at the Shoreline Theater Academy, 61 E. Main Street, Clinton. Rehearsals Information: Rehearsals for all shows are held at the Academy. One day per week rehearsals for Annie Kids and Annie Junior. Select Tuesday or Thursday. **Mandatory tech weeks based on the show. See individual show in the classes listings for more details. ***Show dates based on the show. See individual show in the classes listings for more details. Songs with vocals:
Without vocals:

BYE BYE BIRDIE for grades 9+ 

Auditions for Bye Bye Birdie, our Late Spring Advanced Level Musical will be held on Wednesday, March 13 and Thursday, March 14 at the Academy. This production is open to grades 9 and up. Students in grade 8 may request to be approved to perform with exception by performing in either Annie, Jr. or the play, Puffs. Please prepare any song from the following playlist that best showcases your vocal ability. You may audition with or without backing vocals, as desired. With vocals: Without vocals:

Puffs for grades 7+

About The Show: Puffs is a tale for anyone who has never been destinedto save the world. For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain WizardSchool and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of thePuffs … who just happened to be there too. This clever and inventive play gives you a newlook at a familiar adventure from the perspective of three potential heroes just tryingto make it through a magic school that proves to be very dangerous for children. Alongsidethem are the Puffs, a group of well-meaning, loyal outsiders with a thing for badgers.Their hilariously heartfelt and epic journey takes the classic story to new placesand reimagines what a wizard hero can be. ROLES

Please, prepare TWO of the following monologues & have characters defined for the snippets at the bottom.

Please choose TWO of the following monologues to perform at your audition.  You do not have to memorize the monologues, but you should be comfortable with them. Be ready to read ALL of the CHARACTER SNIPPETS. Go BIG.  This is a ridiculous show.  If you feel stupid, you’re doing it right. MONOLOGUES FOR PLAY PUFFS: MEGAN JONES /Megan is dark, brooding and mysterious. I never wanted to be a Puff. Every member of my family? Puffs. We’re like THE Puff family. But I’ve always known that I was different. There’s nothing even special about Puffs. Loyalty? Being really nice? A bunch of lame, awful failures doomed to be stupid walking personality-less nobodies that no one will ever care about ever? Ugh. My mom was a Puff. But she was different. She became something bigger. She made the name Jones finallymean something other than a bunch of … Puffs. I thought … I knew … I would be different too. But … after all my hard work to make myself not a Puff, what do you know? The hat puts me with the Puffs. I did everything. I mean, I even changed my accent just so I wouldn’t sound like my Puff family. HARRY /Perhaps Harry doesn’t actually possess the heroic qualities he is so famous for.Say … remember the First Task? That was pretty crazy. At first, I was like, “oh no”, but then I was like “broom!” And then I was like “vroom vroom”, but then the dragon broke off his chain and chased me all around the school and almost killed a bunch of people. Hahaha … ahhh. Remember that? Feels like ages ago. Bye, Wayne! Cedric, look out for that dragon! Just kidding. LEANNE /Leanne is bubbly, excited, and so proud of her Puffness. No! I don’t want to leave. Why is everyone always so down on us? I won’t stand for it anymore! And I won’t sit for it either. And I also won’t stand on one leg because I can’t. Watch. Anyways. Look at your hand! You have a wand! (Everyone looks at the hand that in fact does not have a wand in it.) Unless you looked at your other hand. Look at yourselves! Hannah. You used to be so awkward. And you still are, but we don’t mind anymore! Who’s that? It’s Ernie Mac. And he is basically the best. And Sally. Remember the time youdid that thing? CEDRIC /a very popular kid, a bit of a rockstar in the Puff house, but not the sharpest tool in the shed And, my name…is Cedric. Thanks. Now gather round. Don’t be shy. Welcome to the Puffs! Just a few things to get you acquainted to the school. First, the stars move. Don’t freak out. Just breathe. Second…the Puffs don’t exactly have the best reputation here. People will make jokes about you. Or throw food at you. Or they might curse you. In fact, here is a list of curses you can expect to be hit by at some point in the next week. But none of that matters. Because really, we’re a bunchof nice, fun, happy people. Also, badgers. Badgers are great! WAYNE HOPKINS /a normal guy who wants to stand out and have others think he is special Question. Hypothetical. What if I don’t have enough of a personality for the magic talking hat to sort me? Like…how much authority does this hat really have? Never mind. This place is crazy huh? I never thought I’d go to school in a castle. Pretty cool. I’ve never really liked school. People were mean. To me. I’m talking too much. You probably have all your own nervous thoughts going on … can I tell you something? I think I might be … special? I watch a lot of movies and read lots of books, and it’s like; a normal boy finds out he actually has amazing abilities and is swept away to a new, magical world? Does that sound familiar? Because that is now my ACTUAL life. And THAT kid, through some incredible circumstances always becomes like the most important person. Like in the whole world. A sort of … Chosen One. AHH! Magic is real, and this orphaned boy wizard is ready for seven years of amazing adventures! MISTER VOLDY / is the embodiment of evil So. Since we’re on the verge of our victory to be remembered for all dark ages to come, pats on the back by the way, I’ve been working on some fun one liners to say when we vanquish our great teenage enemy, Potter. Maybe I can try some out, so you can see how fun thy are – eh hem. “Boy who lived? How about the boy who’s dead now? HA!” “Nice second scar – the one that’s on your whole body – since I killed you.” “Mother’s love your way out of that!” Or my favorite – “Loser says Avada what -” he says, “What” – “KEDABRA!” – then he dies. What? The megaphone is still on? Really? Oh my. I am just having a day, aren’t I? YAH! Harry! CHARACTER SNIPPETS Most actors in Puffs will play several roles, so we are looking for actors who have the ability to quickly switch from one comedic character role to another. Bold vocal and physical choices are encouraged. XAVIA JONES (evil, crazy, dangerous) – I want you to hurt them. Torture them. Kill them, maybe? Prove to me that you are my daughter. MYRTLE (quirky, unpredictable, odd ghost with a very distinctive voice) – Goodbye, Cedric. Think of me every time you see a toilet. Waaaaahhhhhhhhh! A CERTAIN POTIONS TEACHER (slimy, sinister, mean, demanding) – You are the most dunderheaded students I have ever seen sit in my class. If you manage to succeed in my course this year, I will eat a shoe. Ten points from the Puffs. UNCLE DAVE (Distant, goofy, not ready for parenthood) – Oh my Gawd! I forgot to tell you. Yer a Wizard, Wayne! …Also, wizards exist! … and you are one. Just like your British parents. Oh right! Yer parents were British! Wow. We gotta talk more. Come on, I’ll drive ya to the airport!