Mission Statement:  

Kidz Konnection is a youth theater company dedicated to educating youth in the performing arts for the purpose of cultivating self-empowerment and leadership skills that will develop strong community-serving leaders of the future.



Kidz Konnection was founded with the goal of providing an interactive, fun, safe way for children and students along the Connecticut shoreline to be exposed to literary works. Kidz Konnection offers classes, productions, and programs for all ages. We encourage our students to challenge themselves by participating in programs just outside of their comfort zone, whether that means trying our Summer Shakespeare series, accepting a lead role in a main stage production, or diving into one of our historically significant productions including Anne Frank or The Laramie Project.


Kidz Konnection is committed to meeting students where they are at and providing a nurturing, supportive environment in which they can learn and grow. We have an inclusive audition and registration policy and will never turn a student away, regardless of reading ability, speaking ability, physical ability, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, or education level. We believe that children will succeed and thrive when given the opportunity to shine and the support necessary.


As a non-profit, community organization, Kidz Konnection can only survive with the leadership, support, and talents of our students, staff, community partners, and supporters. Students are encouraged to take on leadership opportunities within our programs and our company. New ideas are highly encouraged and supported, no matter how big or how small. Leadership can manifest in many different ways including taking on a lead role or a dance captain position, becoming one of our interns, teaching a class or participating as a junior teaching assistant, and taking on additional responsibilities behind the scenes with sound, lighting, set-design, costume-design, web-design, social media, fundraising efforts, and more! Everyone in the Kidz Konnection community has a skill or talent that helps to make us what we are.


Kidz Konnection is committed to both contributing to our local town and shoreline community and cultivating a positive, productive community within our company. We have created a culture that is cooperative rather than competitive. Students are taught the value of teamwork and build long-lasting friendships with their classmates and cast-mates. We partner with a number of different local businesses and organizations to help give back to our town and local community.