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Kidz Konnection
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Hayley Haggerty Hayley Haggerty
Kidz Konnection has truly changed my life for the better. In sixth grade, I was extremely shy and withdrawn, without any confidence in myself. My first class at Kidz Konnection was the playwriting class, and it totally made me a better person, introducing me to writing and the world of theatre first-hand. Since then, I have been in fifteen shows and learned so much about acting, life, and theatre. Kidz Konnection is a great place to pursue your passion, and to discover a wonderful group of friends that have stayed with me my whole life. As a freshman theatre major in college, I can officially credit Kidz Konnection with giving me the strength to follow my passions and go after the theatre business.

Raegen Riley Raegen Riley

Kidz Konnection has been a major part of my life. When my family moved to Connecticut the Kidz Konnection family as become my family. The friends that I made during the first show that I was a part of, to the lessons in responsibility that I learned through participation in the various aspects of Kidz Konnection has made me who I am today. Each show that I participated in on stage directly helped to boost my confidence and help me to think outside of my own mental boundaries. After many years of acting on stage I began to help out with the backstage aspect of the productions. This helped to teach me responsibility in that the actors on stage as well as Laura and the audience were depending on me to do my job to the best of my ability and on time. Both working curtains and participating with stage crew showed me the importance of being part of a team where everyone pulled their weight and did what they were told when they were told. Kidz Konnection has been my teacher in more ways than one in how to make it through both similar situations and life in general. Acting lessons and life lessons come together at Kidz Konnection in perfect harmony to help create wonderful people that then go out in to the world and spread their knowledge to everyone they meet.

Ella McBride Ella McBride

We signed up with Kidz Konnection more than 9 years ago and couldn’t be happier with all of our experiences and friends there. My children have gotten so much from Laura in so many ways. My son is off at college now, but will surely be back this Summer for Shakespeare. The giving spirit and positive attitudes at the studio are simply contagious. The confidence my children have gained trough Kidz Konnection is amazing and the friendships are priceless.

Delaney Hauck Delaney Hauck

I have worked with Kidz Konnection as a student and as an assistant director. I began with the company when I was 12 years old in 2008. My work with Laura has been nothing but beneficial, inspirational, and exciting. Laura dedicates her time to each child to make sure that they are receiving the feedback, care, and attention they deserve. I was able to grow from a young actor with little knowledge about the stage to a seasoned performer with her company, and a confident actor in other productions. Kidz Konnection is a unique theater company because it gives every child the opportunity to grow. Whether a lead or a supporting character, kids will always be encouraged to try new things and be themselves. Kidz Konnection branches out into its Shoreline Actors Collective, a separate group (part of Kidz Konnection) that focuses on teaching young adults more complicated text such as the works of Shakespeare and Agatha Christie. Being a part of this group since its creation, I am proud to say each show has been a delight to be a part of and an integral part to my growth as an actor.

I also had the pleasure of working alongside Laura during the 2015 production of “Romeo and Juliet”. She was so ready to hear new ideas about the show and allowed me the opportunity to develop my skills as a director. She helpfully guided me in this new endeavor and was encouraging and supportive. Directing with Laura was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had to date, and I know that any of her future assistant directors and employees will enjoy working with her.
Overall, my experience with Kidz Konnection has been important to who I’ve grown up to be. Laura has been an awesome role-model in my life and I am so happy to have been a part of her organization for so long. I would highly recommend this acting studio to all parents for their children because Kidz Konnection teaches children not only responsibility and theater, it also gives them an outlet to be themselves and have fun!

Beth Law Beth Law

“Strange isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives.” It’s a Wonderful Life was the first production our son was involved in 4 years ago. Kidz Konnection and specifically the director, tirelessly and compassionately supports our children to become confident actors. Laura’s energy and commitment to the children are evident in each step of the production. Our children have walked into rehearsal after a tough day at school and left skipping with energy because of how Laura reminded them “let it roll off your back like a duck”, followed by a creative theater game and praise for a job well done. I’ve watched her console nerves, empower shyness, earn respect and give meaningful praise to groups of 50+ kids ranging from ages 5-18 all sitting in a room together.

Having now spent years at the studio and behind the scenes during performances I’ve witnessed children grow from Tiny Thespians into lead characters. The family atmosphere Kidz Konnection creates isn’t just on stage. I’ve witnessed older actors mentor younger ones whether it be running lines, helping with homework during downtime, or using improv during a performance to help cue a young actor instead of just skipping over their line. This stems from the “it takes a village” motto that Laura practices with parents and actors that helps to inspire respectful, caring, confident kids.

I think I can fairly say that Laura has touched many lives because families return year after, the cast list continues to grow and children beam with pride after each amazing adventure is captured on stage.

Kiara Lopez Kiara Lopez

Kidz konnection is my safe place. When I’m completely stressed from school work and the people at school, I can go to kidz konnection where I am respected for who I am. And I can express my true personality. And acting is my favorite thing in the world. Kidz Konnection has inspired me. I am actually hoping that acting will be my future. Miss Laura may get pretty stressed during tech week, but that is just because there are children whom ages range from 5-17 or 18. And she also has a costume designer, stage crew, and a tech crew and in the time Miss Laura directs these plays is insane. I am very proud to say that I am a Konnectioner 🙂

Martin McBride Martin McBride

I’ve always had friends growing up, and I’ve always had my family, but until I had done a Kidz Konnection play during the summer about 4 or 5 years ago I had never felt like my friends are my family. I look forward to the SACtor summer plays every year because I get to hang out with my second family, and since joining Kidz Konnection I have really come to enjoy acting. Even when I am not in a performance myself I still enjoy watching my sister or other friends perform.

Parker Wallis Parker Wallis

Kidz Konnection and the Shoreline Actor’s Collective was an invaluable resource to learn and practice Shakespeare repertoire. I can safely say that having spent over 4 summers doing shows with them, I improved my acting abilities and gained the upper hand in my college classes when it came to classical material. If you want to learn how to perform Shakespeare, I would highly recommend Kidz Konnection and SAC.

Alaina Attanasio Alaina Attanasio

I loved growing up with my mom and her company Kidz Konnection. I’ve made so many friends through the people I’ve met there and had so much fun laughing and putting on plays for ten years now.

Maggie M Maggie M

The best part of my life where I have made lots of friends, and I’m proud to call Kidz Konnection my second family. It’s a wonderful environment that every kid enjoys. I never want to leave!

al i al i

I love watching the shows put on by kids konnection. They are so well done and it’s amazing to see everyone up there having a blast!

Gaby Dollo Gaby Dollo

Kidz Konnection is beyond amazing. Although the director can get stressed during tech week; the support given from everyone in the cast and crew is something truly special. Kidz Konnection is a place where anyone can grow to not only be an amazing actor, but an amazing person as well. I’ve learned so many thing about not only preforming, but leadership too. 🙂

Alexandra Attanasio Alexandra Attanasio

It’s like a family there. So much more than just theater.


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