Kidz Konnection is always looking for new volunteers whether it’s helping paint sets, volunteering a truck or large van to help strike a set after a show, or just taking small children to the bathroom and keeping them quiet during tech week. We would love YOUR help! Feel free to contact us if you have any skills or services you want to offer up, or if you just want to spend time getting involved at Kidz Konnection. We would be nothing if our parents, siblings, and veteran actors didn’t offer their time and energy!

Here are some ways parents and community members have volunteered in the past:

  • Help paint/ design set for a production
  • Coordinate/ host a cast party after a show
  • Help transport large set pieces to and/or from the performance space
  • Entertain and manage young actors in the green room during tech week and/or performances
  • Set up/ control the sound system for a production
  • Measure/ sew/ donate costume pieces
  • Help organize/ clean the studio between major productions
  • Bake goods/ make snack bags to sell during intermission of a performance
  • Bring bottled water for the actors during weekend rehearsals/ tech week
  • Help apply make up/ style hair for a production
  • Control curtain cues during a production
  • Control the lighting board during a production
  • Work backstage (doing set changes or cueing actors)
  • Provide snacks/ lunches to summer camps or a cast
  • Take photographs of productions/ rehearsals
  • Perform as adult camio roles during certain productions
  • Design the playbill for a production
  • Play the piano to help students find notes and harmonies during a vocal rehearsal

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